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This program targets inquisitive youngsters through adults.
MIXED AUDIENCE PROGRAM “That's art?” “No, that's fun!”
For little kids, young people and adults Keith seeks to inspire and challenge his audience to cultivate their imagination and be encouraged using and developing the talents they have and enjoy. He shares vignettes about several of his creations inspired by activities he has enjoyed from childhood to the present in a variety of mediums including modeling, sculpture, carving, illustration, mechanical design and of course etching. He always brings some of his completed etchings to show and then demonstrates this particular talent with live “speed etching,” entertaining and mystifying many. With an informal lighthearted delivery, questions and discussion are encouraged throughout the presentation, culminating in his live demo. Since the Etch A Sketch screen measures 5" x 7" only a few people can huddle in around Keith to get a first-hand look. Through the magic of video larger audiences can sit back and enjoy a close-up view of Keith's work as it ‘magically’ takes shape. He has designed a custom mount for his video camera which can feed any TV monitor with an RCA “video in” jack.
(program length approx. 1 hour)

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