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This program caters to younger audiences, but has broad appeal.
CHILDREN'S PROGRAM “That's amazing! How did you do that?”
For the young crowd Keith can get down on the floor and capture children's attention as a continuous line performs precise ‘loop-the-loops’ and their name appears in just seconds. On request Keith will make the stylus zip around the screen as it squiggles its way into an elephant, a bird, a rocket ship, or just about anything in as little as two or three minutes. Kids don't want to wait much longer than that, do they!? His skill inspires others to try and he'll give guidance and encourage little ones to explore their own ideas and abilities with the Etch A Sketch or with any other medium that interests or inspires them. Arrangements can be made for an Etch A Sketch giveaway or prize drawing to conclude the fun. (program length 45 minutes)

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