1) Keith Drake is not an employee or agent of the Ohio Art Company, the maker of the Etch A Sketch, and does not represent them in any way.
2) "Keith Drake's AMAZING ETCHINGS" are created as one-of-a-kind custom works of art. However, other similar pieces may already exist or be created in the future. Each one will last many years with reasonable care. They can be hung by a hook (or picture wire if specified), or displayed on a shelf, easel or table top. They can be cleaned using a damp cloth and mild soap if necessary.
3) Tiny amounts of glue along the seam and minor surface imperfections such as fine scratches or ripples in the red frame are inherent in the Etch A Sketch due to Ohio Art's manufacturing and packaging processes. These are not sufficient reason for return or refund.
4) Great effort has been taken to make each etching a robust piece of art, but they should be handled with care comparable to handling fine china or crystal.
5) The back of the Etch A Sketch has been opened and then resealed and evidence of this is visible when examining the back. The image on the glass screen of the Etch A Sketch has been preserved by removing the excess aluminum powder and plastic beads through the back of the Etch A Sketch, and mechanically "locking" the white drawing knobs. The image will not "erase" now when the Etch A Sketch is turned face down. However, these fine collectibles can be damaged by careless handling and treatment. Dropping the Etch A Sketch on the floor or any hard surface, striking the Etch A Sketch with the hand or any object, or shaking the Etch A Sketch unnecessarily can damage the Etch A Sketch and compromise the image. Physically forcing the white drawing knobs to turn by breaking their mechanical stops WILL alter the image. The Etch A Sketch cannot be flushed with or immersed in liquid, and excessive heat or freezing temperatures may damage the etching. NEITHER KEITH DRAKE NOR KEITH DRAKE DESIGN IS LIABLE FOR REPLACEMENT OF ANY ETCHING ALTERED BY THE ABOVE ACTIONS OR ANY OTHER UNREASONABLE HANDLING OR MISUSE, EITHER INTENTIONAL OR ACCIDENTAL.
6) Upon receipt of payment Etchings will be shipped via FedEx or a comparable shipper, each shipment being insured for their full value.
I understand and agree with the above statements.
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