Hi, my name is Keith Drake if you didn't catch it by now. I have been creating art as long as I can remember. As a junior high student I was given the opportunity to attend a special city-wide art class at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. I loved it and continued my creative endeavors enthusiatically both in and out of the classroom. After high school, I attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a BA in Fine Arts and later earned an AS in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Penn State University. In 1981 I began working as a technical artist for AT&T Bell Laboratories, in Murray Hill, NJ, which became the corporate headquarters for Lucent Bell Labs in 1996. Over a twenty year career I had the good fortune to work with world renowned physicists, chemists, engineers and mathematicians, including several Nobel Prize winners. While creating high level images to enhance their ability to communicate details about complex new innovations and technologies in telecommunications, my artwork helped earn cover stories in prominent magazines such as Science, Science News, and Physics World. My illustrations have also been published in Business Week, Popular Mechanics, Optics & Photonics and numerous internal Lucent publications. In 2001 I ventured out as a freelance artist seeking opportunities to use my broad range of creative skills, including my unique Etch A Sketch art. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for visiting! Tell a friend!